Our school

Greenfield Park Primary International School is a public school shared by the Riverside and Marie-Victorin School Boards.

Our school has a population of over 550 students. In our 24 classrooms, over 45 countries and 27 languages are represented, reflecting a very multicultural environment.

The Greenfield Park Primary International School is one of the 365 establishments in the world recognized as a World School by the International Baccalaureat Organization (IBO). Due to this accreditation, we are able to offer the International Baccalaureat’s Primary Program to our students.

Like all Québec schools, our school respects the Québec Education Program of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport and also ensures the implementation of the Curriculum Reform. Our goal is to instruct, to socialize, and to qualify all of our students for the road to success!

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